Our story



Iris & me - A thoughtfully formulated range of natural and vegan products to enhance your wellbeing.. inspired by my mother.

Mother nature provides us with abundant resources to aid our survival. Since childhood, I've been passionate about the health benefits of plants and nature and how everyone can enjoy these gifts sustainably without harming our wildlife ecosystems and the planet.

I grew up in Sri Lanka and became a keen gardener and nature enthusiast just like my beloved mother, Iris. 

I've many incredible happy childhood memories growing up with a beautiful garden surrounded by numerous flowers, plants and trees.

My mother, Iris and I spent a lot of time together in our garden sitting by the pond full of water lilies. Our garden provided her with the resources to make ayurvedic herbal remedies for my family, used to treat skin irritations, aches and pains.

I created my natural and sustainable product ranges that encapsulates both these childhood memories and as a tribute to my mother.

My skincare formulations and creations allude to my mother's philosophy by containing all natural ingredients and materials.

Iris & me is a tribute to my beloved mother Iris who sadly lost her battle to Parkinson's disease. I am raising funds for Parkinson's organisation UK every year in memory of my late mother to support the ongoing research work to find a cure for the Parkinson's disease. In September 2021, I have donated £ 101.50. I am incredibly proud of this achievement and planning to raise funds to support  Parkinson's org UK every September in memory of my late mother IRIS.

Thank you for all your support so far. I really appreciate your support, orders and feedback.