Switching to reusable products to help save our planet

There are lots of planet friendly reusable products available for you to make that switch from single use products to reusable products. I have always been passionate about reusing what I can and have been doing so from my early childhood. I have added few products in my website and by switching to these you can help eliminating unnecessary waste to landfill. 

Reusable makeup wipes

These super soft bamboo and cotton make up removable pads are ideal to use during your daily skincare routine and they are much more kind to your skin and the planet than the single use make up pads.

It is quick and easy to switch to these super soft bamboo cotton reusable make up removable pads and they are much more durable, environmentally friendly and cost effective way to remove your makeup. Although most single use pads are cotton and not synthetic or plastic, they are still a single use product. Single use products are contributing to unnecessary waste. By switching to reusable pads you are helping to avoid these unnecessary waste to landfill. 

Make up wipes - White Bamboo Terry: With Bamboo/cotton terry pads (softer and more fluffy pads) - 70% Bamboo, 30% GOTS Organic Cotton - 3 layers.

Most reusable face pads only have 2 layers - These pads are well made with 3 layers which makes them much more durable and effective.

CARE: You can wash them and continue to reuse them over and over again.

Hand wash or Machine wash at 30C. (put the pads in the wash bag and wash them so that they won't get lost in the machine) 

Once you are ready to replace them, you can put them in the compost bin as they are biodegradable.  By switching to these pads, you are taking another small step to minimise adding any unnecessary waste to landfill.

Each pack contain 7 double sided pads & a wash bag.

 Organic face clothes

These face clothes are soft and gentle to use on your face and the skincare experts recommend that you keep a separate towel for your face to stop any unwanted bacteria and oil getting into your face from your bath towel.

These organic certified towels can be washed time and time again and use them on a daily basis. Brushed cotton towels are much more durable due to the manufacturing process so they are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

You can use them for your face as your daily skincare routine, hot towel treatment or when travelling abroad.

Organic sisal soap bags

Soap bags are made using 100% organic plant fibres. (Agave sisalana plant). These bags will help you to exfoliate and to remove any dead skin to maintain a healthy skin. 

A key advantage of using these is to eliminate any waste as you will never have to throw away the last tiny piece/pieces of soap after purchasing one of these bags. They will stay inside the bag producing lots of lovely lather.

Simply rinse them (hand wash only)  and air dry them and the bag will be ready for your next use. These bags are fully compostable so when you are ready to replace it with a new clean bag, simply put it into your compost bin.